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Robin Hood News!
Collecting, er, everything
Issue #253 
10th-Jul-2011 10:32 pm
This issue is current through July 10, 2011, 9:00 PM CDT

rh_archive has a shiny new banner, courtesy of a challenge at hoodland. The new banner was made by starbuck_a_dale.

rh_archive announces Readers' Recommendations. This is your chance to rec all the great RH fic you've read over the years! Recs are classified by genre and by character.

Changes are afoot at robinhoodbbc (and its affiliated LJ communities), with burntcopper handing the reins to jagnikjen.

rh_press takes this opportunity to welcome the new Sheriff, and thank the outgoing one for services rendered. Your iron fist and incomparable bedside manner will be sorely missed.

The Sheriff is dead. Long live the Sheriff!

railise has some thoughts on Robin as a Crusader
ravenya03 rewrites the show, with 3x04: The Lion's Heart: Part VI

fedoralady feeds her vidding obsession with four new vids: To Make You Feel My Love [Guy/Marian] | I'm Not in Love [Guy/Marian] | Sir Guy Is Hot Stuff! [Guy] | Too Sexy for Nottingham [Guy]
And more vids from fedoralady, featuring S&M: Robin Hood Style: Part I | Part II: Getting Naughty in Nottie
dark_jackal32 shares a link to Guy of Gisborne fanart
hbowlergirl shares a Robin/Marian fanvid

emn1936 - A Place To Call Home - Ch. 8 (9/?) [Guy/Marian; R]
“I do not love you,” she cried in frustration. “Why do you want me?”
keep_counting - Eve of Destruction [Guy, Marian, Robin; R]
It is forbidden to kill; therefore all murders are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets (Voltaire)
wastingyourgum - Denial II - Ch. 29: Unfamiliar Territory [Legrand/Carter, Little John; NC-17]
Carter returns from a quick errand for Eleanor to find a surprise in his room...
nettlestonenell - Pardon Me, Please [Allan, Robin, Little John, Much, Djaq, Will, Marian, Eve, OCs; PG-13]
A story of Allan-A-Dale and Nell of Nettlestone. Set during the reign of King John, when after being pardoned Robin & Co. again must take to the forest. In which not every rescue proves a righteous one. Nor every condemned man wrongfully so
jadey36 - Endgame - Ch. 17 (17/?): A Done Deal [Robin/Guy, Much, Little John, Allan; NC-17]
Everything is a choice, everything we do. And I made a choice. I chose him.
keep_counting - For the Better [Guy/Marian, Sheriff Vaisey, Sir Jasper, Mathilda, Prince John, Robin, Isabella, Thornton; R]
"It’s June when Vaisey dies"
kegel84 - Better Days Will Come - Ch. 22: Uncovered [Allan, Guy, Marian, Robin; T]
Allan starts a new life, Guy reveals a secret, and Robin and Marian have a talk.
whatcatydidnext - A Ghost Story - Ch. 6 | Ch. 5 | Ch. 4 | Ch. 3 | Ch. 2 | Ch. 1 [Guy; PG]
He has watched the world around him for well over 800 years, has learned to see his mistakes, while others have only grown more foul
corrielle - Again [Guy; PG13]
Marian, too, had been light in his arms, her blood the same deep shade of red
corrielle - A Measure of Peace [Guy, Robin; unrated]
When Guy's frequent disappearances make the gang suspicious, Robin follows him. What he finds isn't what he expects

roh_wyn with news of of Harry Lloyd at the Los Angeles "Brits to Watch" event
robinfanatic shares a a Sam Troughton clip from the promo film for the RSC's upcoming stint in New York City
bunnii0 is looking for a a picture from the old BBC show website
wastingyourgum with news that Gordon Kennedy will be in Sherlock

millers_son - Much is wearier... [Much, Robin]
Much is tired of being pushed away (and just plain tired)
nisa_polat - Sometimes children were too bold... [Nisa, Allan]
Nisa expresses her gratitude after being able to rid herself of the misery of allergies thanks to Allan's recommendation

If anything has been missed out or something has been wrongly listed, please comment with the link. :) We'll pick it up in the next one.
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