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Robin Hood News!

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Robin Hood News
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Collects links to do with the recent Robin Hood BBC series
Welcome to rh_press, a BBC Robin Hood fandom newsletter run by lalumena and miss_daae and thestorymaker. :) This isn't a community for recommendations, but rather a list of everything going off in the LiveJournal fandom these days. There's no need to try and join the community, just friend it, and you'll be able to see the posts.

We will not necessarily be marking spoilers. It's an ongoing series, so it's probably best to assume everything is a spoiler until you're caught up, especially things posted under the heading of "reactions". However, we will probably mark fics that are specifically for the most recent episode with a spoiler tag.

If your post doesn't contain or link to your fic, we won't link to it. If a fic post doesn't show what pairings/characters, rating and title we're supposed to list it as, we (probably) won't post it. If an icon post doesn't have an icon count, we (probably) won't link to it.

Handily pre-formatted fic header for you to use:

If you have any questions or any links, please send them to news.robinhood@gmail.com, or leave them in the comments of the latest issue. :) If you want your journal to be on rh_presswatch friends' list, either email us or comment on a recent issue.

We are not responsible for the contents of posts we link to. If there are any problems, let us know and we can remove the link, but we can't do anything more than that; you will have to get in touch with the poster separately to get the post removed.

rh_press was created and formerly run by shanaqui and feywood.
Layout thanks to gossymer, modifications and header by lalumena.

RH LJ Guide @ Livejournal.com

ALL FIC IS ARCHIVED AT THE ROBIN HOOD FIC ARCHIVE HERE. Thanks to the amazing robinfanatic!